「Important」 Change in applicable OS on 17th November 2022

Thank you for your continued support on our FamiLock application, 「My Entrance」.

As of April 2023, we will be making a change to applicable OS for the application to 「iOS 13.0 and later, Android10.0 and later」.

According to this change, the support for 「iOS 12.5 and older, Android 9.0 and older」 will come to an end. 

■For the user with non-supported OS device 
For the users with non-supported iOS and Android devices,
if possible, please update OS version to the one of 「Applicable OS after change」 mentioned above.
For the users with older OS version, it is possible to use the already installed application.
However, please keep in mind that the application might be unusable in the future without any notice beforehand.

■Reason of the change
Applicable OS for this application has been increasing due to the annual OS update.
However, it is difficult to verify the compatibility of each OS, including the newly added ones in the future.
So we have decided to make the change to the applicable OS as above to regularly maintain application security for the users. 

■Applicable OS policy from now
Due to the reason above, the company will take the application usage into account and will exclude the OS version with less users from applicable OS list.

Thank you for cooperation and understanding.