Application update on 30th May 2023

An updated has been made up Android(V1.2.1), iOS(V1.2.1). 

【Update Detail】
①Able to distinguish the user of the remote control/key card in operation history by numbering method.
②A function to individually register/delete remote control/key card has been added. 
③Can now support new products (keypad outside reader, inside lock button). 
    ※Only applicable to some entrance doors. 
④Door program has been updated to ver.2.1. 


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【Update Detail】

①Remote control/Key card numbering function
Numbering function has been added to remote control, key card, tag key. 
Due to the reason above, it is now possible to distinguish which key is used to operate the door on operation history. 
※Numbering order will be the same as registration order. The key number can be checked on operation history after using the key to operate on the door. 



②Remote control/Key card individual register/delete function
It is now possible to register/delete the remote control, key card, tag key individually. 
【Individual Deletion】
The setting can be changed from deleting every remote control, key card, tag key to deleting individually by going to Digital Lock Setting > Manage Registration. 


【Individual Registration】
Until now, data of previously registered remote control, key card, tag key will be overwritten when registering a new key which makes it necessary to gather and register every needed key when adding a new one.
By enabling the 「Additional Registration」 function in Digital Lock Setting, the data of previous registered key will not be deleted when registering a new key. 



③New product support
Keypad outside reader and inside lock button for Entrance Door XE was released on Jun 2023.
※The products were exclusive parts for the door mentioned above in Jun 2023.
Information display will be described below. 
Information display when inside lock button and keypad outside reader already have registered password


็Hstory display when unlocking by inputting password for inside lock button and keypad outside reader