How to set up smartphone before using application


My Entrance application connects with the entrance door via Bluetooth which means that aside from the application, the settings of smartphone device can also affect the connection of the product.
In order to prevent the negative effect, please perform the following set up before using the application.


【Applicable for both iOS and Android】

Background activity might be limited when turning on energy saving application ,smartphone's low power mode or Android's Doze mode. Please disable the energy saving application/settings when using. 
Moreover, Android devices possess a function that can adjust energy consumption of each application. Please check the settings below and set the battery consumption rate to "Unrestricted". 
※With 「Optimized」 or 「Restricted」, the background connection will be limited and the connection between the door will become weaker. 


【How to check battery consumption setting on Android】

Please select 「Apps」 in settings application and choose 「Display all XX apps」.


Please select 「My Entrance」 in all application screen.


Select 「application battery consumption」 from application information screen.


Please check if the battery consumption is set to 「Unrestricted」. 

※If battery consumption is set to 「Optimized」 or 「Restricted」, please change the setting to 「Unrestricted」.