「Please restart Bluetooth」 connection error

When there is an error that says "Please restart Bluetooth. Restart the device if still disconnected. " appearing on smartphone's notification column, it means that the application can still receive signal from entrance door but the OS of smartphone takes longer than normal to process the data.

Please use the following methods to solve the error.



Background activity function might be limited by energy saving applications or low power mode of smartphone device or Android's Doze mode. Please use the product without turning on energy saving applications and low power mode.

For Android smartphone, each application can be set to consume less energy, please check the setting below and set the battery consumption to "Unrestricted". 

How to check energy consumption of each application for Android



Please change Bluetooth setting to OFF then back ON again.



Please restart smartphone device.



Please make sure that the smartphone device OS is the latest version or if there is a software update. If there is a new version available, please perform the update.
※Please check the website of each device for more update information.



In the case that the notification doesn't disappear after applying the methods above, please make sure that there is no problem in operability before turning OFF the notification setting of My Entrance application. (Smartphone setting not the application setting)
※When turning OFF the notification, every notification from My Entrance application will be turned OFF which is not recommend. 

This method is suited to the customers that do not need any notification from the application, please use this method with discretion.