Digital lock keeps responding even after swiping up to turn off the application

In order to cut the connection between digital lock and application, it is possible to turn OFF the Bluetooth or to force shutdown the application. 

①Turning OFF Bluetooth method
 Please turn OFF Bluetooth from smartphone settings.

②Forcing application to shutdown
Please swipe upward in smartphone screen and maintain the motion to enter multitasking screen. 
After swiping up on the displayed My Entrance application, the application will disappear from the screen.



Unlike iPhone, the connection will not get cut off just by removing the application from multitasking screen.
Force shutdown of the application is also necessary to cut the connection with the door on Android smartphone. 
Please use the following method in order to force shutdown My Entrance application.
Please turn on Settings > Apps > Show all apps. 




Select My Entrance, then proceed to force shutdown the application.