Unable to operate the locks via door button despite having a smartphone on person

The cause is one of the followings. 


The smartphone might not be registered. 
Please download the application and register to the door.
How to register


Smartphone's Bluetooth might be OFF. 

Please turn ON Bluetooth function on smartphone.


The application might not be active right now.
Please activate the application. (Background activity is OK)


When putting remote control in trousers' back pocket, the body of the user will act as a wall to interrupt with Bluetooth which results in a weak connection. 

Metallic objects can also interrupt with the Bluetooth connection.

Please secure a close distance between remote control/smartphone and the door before operating.



The smartphone registration might be deleted by someone else using the application.

Please check if other family members have deleted the registration and register the device again.

How to register



Touch button function might be disabled via application.
Please enable the function by opening 「My Entrance」 application then go to 「≡Menu」→「Digital lock setting」→「Touch button function」.