How to adjust the authorization area

Authorization area can only be changed for smartphone.

Authorization area : The area where the door can be operated by pressing the door button.

Transmission area : The area where the door can be operated by application.

※The transmission area is based on the distance where the eye can see. (within 10 meters) However, please keep in mind that the area can be extended further due to the characteristic of Bluetooth. 


■How to set up authorization area

The settings can be changed by going to 「≡Menu」→「Digital lock settings」→「Authorization area」 in 「My Entrance」 application.





・When the authorization area is expanded, it also means that the area for unlocking the door and the area not suitable to store the smartphone will become bigger. Please keep this in mind to prevent unlawful intrusion. 

・It is impossible to change the size of transmission area. 

・The change made to authorization area will only apply to the smartphone used to make the change.