I have set up my application but the door button does not function.

The cause is one of the followings.


Smartphone model might not support the application.
Please check the compatible smartphone models



Bluetooth function might be turned OFF.
Please turn ON the Bluetooth function on smartphone setting screen.



Smartphone application might be turned OFF.
Please turn ON the application. (Background activity is also ok)

How to check if an application is running in the background



When put in trouser back pocket, the body of user will act as a wall to interrupt with Bluetooth connection.

Please make sure that smartphone or remote control device is in close distance to the door while the connection route is secured.



The smartphone registration might be deleted by someone else using the application.

Please check if other family members have deleted the registration and register the device again.
How to register



Background activity function might be limited by energy saving applications or low power mode of smartphone device or Android's Doze mode.

Please check the settings and turn OFF the restriction on "My Entrance" application.

For Android smartphone, each application can be set to consume less energy, please check the setting below and set the battery consumption to "Unrestricted". 

※If the setting is 「Optimized」 or 「Restricted」, the connection will be difficult due to the transmission being limited. 

【How to check battery consumption setting of Android】

From Setting, choose 「Application」 then choose 「See all xx apps」.


Please choose 「My Entrance」.


Please choose 「Application battery consumption」 from application information screen.


Please make sure that the application battery consumption screen setting is 「Unrestricted」.

※When the setting is 「Optimized」 or 「Restricted」, please change to 「Unrestricted」.



The operation distance might have been reduced.

When smartphone remains inside authorization area, the authorization area will automatically reduce in size every 3 minutes (up to 2 times) to prevent intrusion.

■How to revert

●Use the smartphone to operate the locks.

●Cut the connection between smartphone and the door (digital lock) once.


・Moving the smartphone outside of transmission area.

・Restarting the smartphone or the application.

・Turning OFF smartphone's Bluetooth function.


・The function to reduce operation distance will only apply on each smartphone individually.

 The authorization area for other remote control and smartphone will not change.

・This function cannot be turned OFF.



There might be an abnormality in door's power source.

【When using batteries】
Please reinsert batteries in correct manner or change the batteries.
How to change batteries

【When using AC adapter】
Please make sure that the AC adapter is connected with the power outlet.

【When using controller unit】
Please make sure that controller unit's power is turned ON.


Touch operation function might be turned OFF.
Please turn on 「My Entrance」 application then choose 「≡Menu」 → 「Digital lock settings」 → 「Touch operation」 to turn ON the setting.



There might be an error in Bluetooth connection on smartphone's side.
Please check if other smartphone or remote control key can function normally.