I lost my key card/tag key

Please delete the registration data of the lost key card/tag key. 

If you are currently using more than 1 key card/tag key/mobile wallet, it is possible to delete every key card/tag key/mobile wallet's registration data by re-registering the remaining device(s). 

Moreover, it is also possible to remove the lost key card/tag key/mobile wallet's registration data by deleting registration data of every registered key card/tag key/mobile wallet or every registered key via application. 

How to register/delete key card/tag key/mobile wallet

How to delete every registration data

※Application version:V1.2.1, Door control program version:V2.1 and later will have the following features. 
・Deleting registration data of lost key card/tag key individually. 
・When turning ON 「Individual registration」 setting, other key card/tag key's registration data will not be deleted after re-registering a key card/tag key.
How to set up 「Individual registration」