Unable to operate the locks via door button despite having a remote control

The cause is one of the followings. 


The remote control might not be registered. 

Please gather every remote control and register them again.

How to register


The remote control's power might be OFF. 
Please press both buttons of the remote control for a certain duration to turn ON the power.


The remote control might ran out of battery. 
Please change to new batteries.
How to change batteries


The connection might be disturbed by other electronic devices that can emit signal such as microwave ovens. 
Please stay away from such devices when using the product.



The remote control might be in sleep mode. 
The remote control will go into sleep mode after being idle for 10 seconds and cannot be used for touch button operation. 
Please lightly shake the remote control or push the remote control button to cancel sleep mode.リモコン


When put in trouser back pocket, the body of user will act as a wall to interrupt with Bluetooth connection.

Metallic objects can also interrupt with the Bluetooth connection.

Please secure a close distance between remote control/smartphone and the door before operating.


The registration data of the current remote control might have been deleted when other remote control was re-registered. 
Moreover, the registration data might have been deleted by someone else using the application. 
Please check if other family members have deleted the registration and register the device again.

How to register

※For application version:V1.2.1, Door control program version:V2.1 and later, 「Individual registration」 setting makes it possible to register a new remote control without losing former registration data which makes it unnecessary to gather every remote control for each new registration. 
How to set up 「Individual registration」