Device Tested
OS Ver.
AQUOS ea 7.0  
Android One S3 8.0  
AQUOS ZETA  SH-01H  7.0  
AQUOS sense 8.0  
AQUOS Compact  6.0.1  
AQUOS R SH-03J 8.0  
AQUOS SERIE mini  SHV33 7.0  
AQUOS U SHV35 7.0  
BASIO2   SHV36 6.0.1  
AQUOS U SHV37 8.0  
AQUOS SERIE mini  SHV38 7.0  
AQUOS R compact 8.0  
AQUOS R2 8.0  
Android One  X1 8.1  
AQUOS sense2 9.0  
AQUOS R2 compact 9.0  
AQUOS R3 9.0  
AQUOS sense2 かんたん 9.0  
Android One S5 9.0  
AQUOS sense3 10.0   
AQUOS zero2 10.0   
Android One S7 10.0   
AQUOS R5G 10.0   
AQUOS zero5G basic 10.0   
AQUOS sense4 11.0   
AQUOS sense5G 11.0   
AQUOS R6 11.0   
AQUOS sense6 11.0   
AQUOS sense7 12.0  
AQUOS wish2 12.0  
BASIO active 12.0  

 ●Applicable OS :Android 10.0 and later

・The applicability test was conducted independently and the company will not assure or support its content. 
・The application might cease to function due to OS Ver. update or change in device settings. 
・If 「Tested OS Ver.」 is not included in 「Applicable OS」, the application might not be able to function or install.
・When enabling power saving application etc., some functions might not be available.
・Please keep in mind that this information might be updated without any notice beforehand.
・It is possible to use the application on non applicability tested smartphone models but some functions might not be available for use. 
・Authorization area might vary upon surrounding environment and difference in smartphone models.
   Please adjust the authorization area as necessary. How to adjust authorization area

(As of May 2023)