「Important」 Change in applicable OS (20th Mar 2020)

【Important】 Change in applicable 

From 23rd Mar 2020, applicable OS for 「My Entrance」 will be changed to 「iOS11.0 and later」, while the support for 「iOS10.3.4 and older」 will be finished. 

With the OS provider, Apple Inc. having stopped the support for 「iOS10.3.4 and older」,  it will be difficult to support on the OS function and security which resulted in ending the support for the OS.

While the users who are currently using iOS10.3.4 and older can still continue to use the application, application update and installation will not be possible from now on.                                                            Moreover, please keep in mind that the application might be unusable in the future without any notice beforehand. 

Thank you for cooperation and understanding.